Date: Saturday, 14 October 2017
Location: SFU Harbour Centre, Room 7000
8:30-9:00Coffee and Pastries @ Waves Coffee
9:00-9:20Jacob Mortensen, SFU
"From Markov models to Poisson point processes: modeling ball movement in the NBA"
9:20-9:40Wayne Wang, UBC
"Determinantal point processes with application to spatial design"
9:40-10:00Nathan Sandholtz, SFU
"Replaying the NBA: testing shot policies using Markov decision processes"
10:10-10:30Nelson Chen, UBC
"Reflections on my job hunting journey: lessons and experience"
10:30-10:50Charlie Zhou, SFU
"The Bayesian approach for diagnosing the quality of a Laplace approximation."
10:50-11:10Derek Ouyang, UBC
"An enhanced analysis plan of multiple tests in optimal duration clinical trials"
11:20-12:00Arnie Bhadury, Flipboard
"Applying Bayesian topic modeling at scale in industry -- what I learned (and what I wish I had learned in school)"
12:00-12:45Derek Bingham, SFU
"Tips on making it in grad school and beyond"
12:45-14:00Lunch @ Steamworks